Participating in a variety of day programs is important to  men and women with developmental disabilities. These programs include spending a full day at a quality day center, participating in a variety of enriching activities with their peer, to attending classes in the community, to a part-time or full-time competitive job in the community, and every type of program in between. Our reliable and safe service comes from the experience of over nineteen years working with children, women and men with developmental disabilities. Faithful Homes’ transportation service provides service within many communities in Cleveland and the Cleveland area.

We take our clients to:

  • Work

  • Medical Appointments

  • Church
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Local Recreation Center
  • Family visits
  • Holiday Gatherings
  • Social Activities
  • Sporting Events



Faithful Homes is currently providing Homemaker Personal Care in three residential locations where men or women share a home in a local suburban community.  Each location is fully staffed whenever residents are at home. With the assistance of staff, residents encourage and support each other in planning and making meals, taking care of their home, taking care of personal ______________, selecting recreational activities, traveling, etc.



Faithful Homes began by providing care for individuals in need of respite care.  We are in the process of again making our services available for those in need of respite.



We regularly organize trip for groups of Adults and Special needs and their caregivers.  


Meet our Fleet



    At Faithful Homes Transportation, safety is at the center of everything we do. From extensive driver screening and meticulous record keeping to preventative  vehicle maintenance, we place the safety of our consumers above all else.


    Driver Qualifications

    Faithful Homes' drivers are fully vetted before transporting consumers. Our drivers are required to meet stringent regulatory and company requirements as follows:

    State Regulations & Mandatory Compliance 

    • Valid Driver's License
    • Driver Record Check (Annually BMV Reports)
    • Satisfactory Bureau of Criminal Identification & Investigation (BCI&I) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Background Checks
    • Physical
    • Satisfactory Drug Screen
    • CPR Certified
    • First Aid Training
    • Pre-Service Training Certificates of Completion

    Additional Faithful Homes' Mandatory Compliance

    • New Hire Mandatory Two Hour Orientation Training
    • Annual 4 Hour In-Service Training
    • Safe Loading and Unloading Training
    • Emergency Procedure Training

    Regulatory Compliance & Record Keeping

    The specific rules and regulations governing Non-Medical Transportation for individuals in  Developmental disabilities community are very complex. Are you sure the company currently providing this service to you is in full compliance - and has the records to prove it? At Faithful Homes, we know the laws, we comply with the laws, and the proof is in our recordkeeping.

    Driver Retention

    The long-term commitment demonstrated by many Faithful Homes drivers creates consistency, builds trust and enhances the service we provide to our DD Consumers. Knowing the often subtle warning signs of trouble gives our drivers the ability to diffuse situations before they arise. Consumers who travel with Faithful Homes' drivers are more likely to arrive at their destination relaxed and ready to succeed!

    Meet our Fleet

    Faithful Homes maintains a fleet of clean, professionally-serviced passenger vans, that meet strict annual Ohio Highway Patrol requirements as mandated by the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities. Our 12-passenger and 15-passenger vans are safe and reliable vehicles to transport throughout the many communities we serve.



    All Faithful Homes vehicles are equipped with the following State mandated safety equipment, and our drivers are trained in the proper handling of all safety equipment:

    Reflective Triangles
    First Aid Kit
    Bodily Fluid Kit
    Emergency Flares
    Fire Extinguisher



    Faithful Homes believes in, and practices preventative maintenance. Our routine consists of :

    • Oil & Oil Filter Change
    • Brake Inspection
    • Bumper-to-Bumper Under Vehicle Inspection
    • External Inspection
    • Windows, wipers, mirrors, liftgates, shocks, struits, indicator lights, etc.
    • Internal Inspection
    • Steering column, horn, parking brake, inside mirror, seat belts, warning lights, etc.
    • Under The Hood Inspection
    • Hood latch, motor mounts, fuel system, exhaust system, battery, etc.
    • Under The Vehicle Inspection
    • Tires, steering system, suspension, frame, etc.
    • Road Test Inspection
    • Parking brake, automatic transmission, steering, etc.